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Arc Flash Risk AssessmentSafety Training & ProgramsDrawings & DocumentationTesting, Inspection, & Maintenance

Arc Flash Risk Assessment

Arc Flash Assessment is essential to a compliant electrical safety program.
Our step-by-step process includes:
  • Data Collection
  • One-line drawings
  • Incident Energy Calculations
  • Coordination and Short Circuit Study
  • Mitigation Recommendations
  • Arc Flash Labels
  • Training

Electrical Safety Training & Programs

This video about a tragic incident involving Eddie Adams demonstrates the critical importance of training.

Companies with electrical safety training and programs have fewer workplace injuries than companies with no safety training and programs. Our training sessions help workers recognize electrical hazards, learn how to work safely in the energized electrical environment, and understand correct use of and limitations of PPE. Our safety programs instill and reinforce proper procedures and controls that over time become safe work habits.

Drawings & Documentation

We produce accurate electrical drawings and panel schedules:
  • One-line electrical drawings
  • Panel Schedules
  • Switchboard and MCC elevation drawings
  • Equipment ID labeling and naming
One Line Drawing Sample
Panel Schedule Sample

Electrical Testing,
Inspection & Maintenance

The more comprehensive your Preventive Maintenance Program is, the safer and more reliable your electrical environment will be. Our services include the following:
  • Switchgear inspection, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Inspection
  • Line Isolation Monitor Testing
  • Infrared Inspections
  • Electrical Panel Cleaning
  • Power Monitoring and Load Testing